.NET Reflector

.NET Reflector 10.2

Accesses, manages and fixes any .NET code
Open files or import data containing .NET code of any kind into the program and automatically or manually decompile it, analyze the content and fix any issues with the set of built-in tools. The program recognizes DLL and EXE files and may work as a Visual Studio plug-in.

Red Gate has now integrated Reflector into the flow of debugging which was usually quite time consuming. Adding Reflector Pro to Visual Studio is going to save me time, and if it saves me more than a few hours over the next year or two, it will more than pay for itself.
Explore and analyze compiled .NET assemblies, viewing them in C#, Visual Basic and IL..Now supports .NET 4 , and includes a 14-day free trial of .NET Reflector Pro.Step into decompiled assemblies whilst debugging in Visual Studio.

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